Brand and Packaging

In the digital world we don't get to touch as many paper products as we used to. This is good for the trees, but maybe not as good for our own history and family traditions. We don't sit around looking through old disposable camera pictures and laugh about the memories quite as much. I sort of miss that. I miss the conversations associated with real printed pictures.  It's because of this that I knew when it came to giving clients their photos, I didn't want to just hand over a link to digital files and call it day.

Also, don't you get excited when you get something fun in the mail? Maybe a package, invitation, or hand written letter? I sure do! That is the feeling I want you to get when you receive your photos from me. The branding and the packaging was essential. One thing I struggle with as a professional graphic designer SLASH photographer is deciding one single look to stick to. I had to write out my mission statement, hopes, and dreams before I could take the plunge into deciding what my brand should be. This is the final result. I hope it speaks of who I am as a person and as a photographer. I want it to represent the outdoors, the smell of fresh Spring air, the feel of a cold creek on your toes, and the fuzzy feeling of loved ones and laughter. That is my goal. That is who I am as a person and a professional. I hope you let me share this with you. Thank you for following me along the way.