Why Film?

It's the question people keep asking me. Why do you shoot film? When I try to answer verbally it either comes out in too many or too few words. Film is not as perfect or mechanical as its digital counterpart. If digital photos are the factory-produced goods then film is the hand made product (some inconsistencies should be expected.) This is actually what I love about film. It has a genuine and timeless character. This character cannot be achieved digitally, even when some filters come close, they still don't completely measure up. Digital photography has many benefits that I would never trade, but I enjoy supplementing it with film. The process of shooting film is slower and requires me to be more attentive. Film slows me down and forces me to shoot intentionally. The overall process of using film from beginning to end has a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Here are a few shots from my recent film gathering. I had a lot of fun with this group of Nashville photographers and I am grateful for their guidance and friendship